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Food Wise
A Christian based charity delivering food provision, training and education to local communities

Food Provision

All the food and equipment required for each cookery skills training session is provided free of charge. Even better everyone gets to take home the meal they cook – enough to feed the whole family! That’s six nutritious meals over six weeks with any special dietary needs taken into account.

FoodWise also seeks to work in conjunction with food banks and supermarkets to provide low cost nourishing meals and provide practical tips on ways to purchase food and utensils on a budget. In addition we can work with local communities to provide holiday lunches for children who normally receive free school meals during term-time so they don't go hungry.

  • Course participants take home the meal they cook to share with their family
  • Menus vary and are tailored to group needs (inc special dietary requirements)
  • All food & equipment for the course is provided free of charge
  • Recipe Cards for low cost nutritious meals are offered
  • Store cupboard items provided on completion of the course

For all enquiries please email:

Food provision