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Food Wise
A Christian based charity delivering food provision, training and education to local communities

Welcome to our YOUR FUND SURREY Information page

We need your vote to enable us to have the support we need to obtain the funding for a permanent home for Fareshare Sussex (expanding to cover Surrey), Foodwise TLC and Neat2Eat CIC.

The following information seeks to clarify our purpose and how we will make a difference across Surrey in a much expanded role from our existing capabilities.

The issue of Food Insecurity and loss of employment has the potential to get much worse, before it gets better as the full impact of COVID19 continues to impact on our nation. Let’s work together so that no family goes hungry.


This project will incorporate the close working relationship between two established charities and one community interest company by joining forces to address food insecurity and food waste with the ability to substantially benefit the County of Surrey.

The Parties (together "The Parties”) are as follows:

  1. City Gate Community Projects t/a FareShare Sussex Unit 3-4 Fairway Business Centre, Westergate Road, Brighton, BN2 4JZ Charity number 1093245 Company Reg: 04298200 Incorporated on 3 October 2001 ("FareShare”)
  2. Foodwise (TLC) Limited, 6 Danses Close, Merrow Park, Guildford Surrey GU4 7EE charity number 1164890 company reg: 09561460 incorporated on 26th April 2015 ("Foodwise”)
  3. NEAT2EAT CIC 6 Danses Close, Merrow Park, Guildford Surrey GU4 7EE charity number n/a Company Reg: 12926089 incorporated on 4th October 2020 ("N2E”) Note – a not for profit social enterprise.

Main Aim

The Parties are seeking to fund a £3.75m purchase of a freehold commercial property in Sheerwater, Woking, Surrey GU21 5SU, as a permanent base for the delivery of their services.

The property would be approximately 15,236 SQ FT in size and be utilised by The Parties as follows:

  • FareShare - Food Storage and Distribution warehouse & offices – food provision to charities and community groups all across Surrey;
  • Foodwise – One Training/production Kitchen and head office;
  • Neat2Eat – Two or three Cloud Kitchens for use by local businesses/entrepreneurs & Foodwise;

The Fareshare operation would add Surrey to their Sussex operations, receiving large-scale food deliveries from food producers, manufacturers and supermarkets (thereby reducing food waste) and distribute the same to charities and organisations capable of feeding their local communities across Surrey.

The combined reach of The Parties addresses many needs (including but not limited to):

  • Food Insecurity/Poverty;
  • Child Poverty;
  • Employment of Young Adults (NEET) and general employment;
  • Training and education of employees including apprenticeships and diverse range of workplace opportunities;
  • Reducing food wastage across the County and supply of free/low cost food to charities;
  • Increasing health and well-being of recipients, including tackling Obesity and providing nutritional food, recipes and training on all of the above;
  • Delivery of Holiday Hunger "Fun and Food” days in School Holidays
  • Freezers located within local schools to feed families struggling from food insecurity;
  • Green approach to operational activities and distribution;
  • Support of local businesses and entrepreneurs by making available operational kitchens (fully equipped) for hire or use. Mentoring and assistance provided for young entrepreneurs/newly qualified chefs enabling business development and growth;
  • Fully funded Commercial Property provides long term base for County support:
    • Multi-functional site provides all aspects of food provision and supply:
    • Good location to serve the entire County (M25 on the doorstep)
    • Low cost base with income generation aids sustainability;
    • Sizeable premises enabling future growth;
    • Location needs investment and employment;
    • Safe access for larger vehicles away from pedestrian areas;
    • Ability to install greener energy options over time (electric vehicles, solar panels etc.)
  • Benefiting thousands of Surrey Residents through FareShare food partners;

Brief Background on The Parties:

FareShare Sussex (part of a national network of FareShare Regional Centres)

FareShare UK is a national charity, tackling Food Waste by distributing surplus food from the food industry. This includes supermarkets, distributers and growers. It has 21 Regional Centres across the UK, strategically located and each operating under the umbrella of a separate charity. They provide food for other frontline charities and community groups, ensuring it gets to vulnerable people in food poverty.

FareShare Sussex works under the umbrella of City Gate Community Projects. They areseeking to run and operate a distribution/sorting hub to supply Surrey from the new warehouse. FareShare Sussex will manage the new hub and is seeking to develop a funded rollout plan. For further information see

Furthermore, FareShare Sussex focuses on employment/training opportunities within its operational activities and is a champion of the use of green energy solutions, within its delivery and warehousing operations.

Foodwise (TLC) Limited

Foodwise (TLC) Limited (established 2015), a registered charity, provides training/coaching to families, supplies food (directly or via Courses) and seeks to address holiday hunger in Guildford/Woking area. See for more information.


Neat2Eat (N2E), a subsidiary of Foodwise, established 4th October 2020, responding to the need locally to employ, educate and empower young adults (YA) in the age range of 18-24. With COVID19, the numbers of unemployed young people has trebled if not more, since March 2020.

N2E’s aim is to recruit young adults categorised as NEET, to mentor, train, educate and employ them within our operations. Offering apprenticeships and career building opportunities, within a minimum twelve-month term, plus a bridge to further employment.

N2E is a social enterprise, not for profit, running cafes (currently The Haven @ QE Park, Guildford) and a Kitchen (Moorcroft, Woking) whilst investing in Cloud Kitchens. See for more information.

Both City Gate Community Projects and Foodwise are registered with the Charities Commission:

FareShare/City Gate see

Foodwise See

Funding Aims

The Parties will register an idea with Your Fund Surrey to seek the funding of the Commercial Property for the purposes set out above.

Please click on the link below to read about the £100m Your Fund Surrey:

In order to be considered for the funding, The Parties will "pin” the idea on GU21 5SU. The property details can be found as follows:

In order to be recognised as a "supported” idea WE NEED YOUR ACTION TO VISIT THE IDEA AND VOTE FOR IT!


Article published 20th November 2020 in GetSurrey; Extract:

"Reliance on food banks has more than doubled across Surrey during the coronavirus pandemic.

New figures released on Wednesday (November 12 2020) by the Trussell Trust reveal that food banks in the area saw a shocking 122 per cent increase in need during the crisis. The charity has also warned that these figures are only the tip of the iceberg, as many people will have been helped by other community groups.

Between April 1 and September 30, 28,324 emergency food parcels were given to people struggling to afford essentials by the 31 food banks in the Trussell Trust’s Surrey network. That’s up from 12,750 parcels handed out during the same period of 2019, when there were 25 food banks operating in the area.”

Read the full article here:

Surrey-i provides an insight into the Index of Multiple Deprivation across Surrey!/vizhome/Economyemploymentanddeprivation/Story1

Guildford and Woking both have areas of food insecurity. Guildford Borough Council published a report in March 2019 please click here to access 05 - App 1 OS Committee report exc appendices.pdf

The need is clear and The Parties are part of the solution that can assist those struggling in these difficult times, immediately and for the long term.

How You Can Make a Difference

Please click on the link below, click 'agree' and follow the instructions to vote for us.


With the help of Woking Borough Council, we are looking to open a temporary site to start operations whilst we await a response from Your Fund Surrey/Surrey County Council.