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By Grace Luke on 26/07/16 | Category - FoodWise Tips

In order to eat well you have to shop well. Grace Luke shares her top tips for developing good shopping habits.

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It's easy to get tempted into buying on impulse. Shops are highly skilled at attracting you to things you can manage without. I suggest six things to reduce the temptation factor.

1. Plan Ahead

Take some time to think about the week ahead – what are you doing each day? Which days will be too busy to cook? Choose a less busy day to bulk cook – make a bolognaise sauce, eat some that day and make a lasagne with the rest to put in the fridge or freezer for your busier day.

2. Make a List

When you’ve decided on your weekly menu write a shopping list – this will help you to buy only what you need. You will be surprised how much money you will save if you stick to your list!

3. Shop on a Full Stomach

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry – you will buy more than you need. (If you know you’re going to struggle eat a healthy snack before you go).

4. Timing for Price Reductions

If you are able to shop in the evening you will probably find more bargains!!!! Shops often reduce the price of meat in evening before the sell by date runs out! A great time to buy meat to put in your freezer. (BUT only buy what you know you will use!!)

5. Visit your Local Market

The market is a great place to buy your fruit and veg, and they often reduce the prices towards the end of the day!

6. Stock your Store Cupboard

Each week try to buy one staple ingredient to add to your store cupboard so you can russell up something tasty when money is even tighter than normal.

At the end of the week congratulate yourself on how well you’ve done – focus on the positives. If you’ve ‘slipped up’ a bit be kind to yourself – REMEMBER the days that were successful and try again next week.

Don’t forget to freeze your leftovers to use another day.

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