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Food Wise
A Christian based charity delivering food provision, training and education to local communities
By Gracie Luke on 17/04/16 | Category - General
We talk to Grace Luke, who started as a new food coach this week. She will be running courses in Guildford while Linda will focus on Woking.

Grace Luke - FoodWise Food Coach

What first drew you to the work of FoodWise?

Over the past few months God has been stirring my heart to be more involved with people in our local community.

What led you to join the team?

I have a passion about cooking and enabling others to provide home cooked wholesome meals. When I was approached by Linda (Aston) asking if I would consider working for Foodwise it seemed to be an ideal opportunity to serve others. In talking with Martin (Vodden) I realised that this would be something that would fulfil my ambition to get alongside others and share my knowledge and experience.

What are you most looking forward to when you start?

I’m excited at the prospect of working together with local churches, front line agencies, food banks and other charities to deliver practical help to people within their local communities. I believe this is a great way to make relationships and share God’s love to those around us.

Where will your first course be running?

My first course starts on April 21st when I will be assisting Linda at the Sythwood Surestart Centre in Woking. We will be working with young mums encouraging them to cook healthy meals for their families, using fresh ingredients as opposed to bought ready meals or take-aways, even on a restricted budget.

What is your favourite family meal?

I don’t have a favourite family meal! I love a variety of different foods. For me the best thing about food is how it is eaten. Our family, like most families is very busy and although we sit down and eat together on a daily basis there are times when mealtimes are rushed because somebody is going out. The best times are when we are all together, relaxing and enjoying one another’s company while we eat. For me food tastes better when eaten with family or friends!!!
If your organisation would like to host a course in Guildford please get in touch.

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